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JobPack provides a production management software solution for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical, and job shop industries. Our 25 years of experience in developing, installing and supporting manufacturing systems solutions, puts us well placed to implement a fast cost effective solution.


Providing the best production management solution based on our award winning, Real Time, graphical scheduling system is what differentiates us from everyone else. We understand that today's manufacturers - including CNC and manual machining, assembly and test areas - are seeking better ways to plan and schedule work. JobPack allows you to monitor and control your manufacturing resources to increase profit!

JobPack Serves:

• Job-shops with make-to-order requirements

• Plastic Injection and Mold Tool Companies

• Automotive and Aerospace Industries

• Production manufacturers of all sizes

JobPack will allow you to meet your customers' expectations and deliver - on time, all the time.

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Integrated ERP - JobPack Scheduling

One of the most important characteristics of ERP systems is that they are built on a single comprehensive database to share information across the enterprise and provide a solution to all aspects of a company's needs. However more ERP end users are finding that specific, specialized applications from their ERP vendor are lacking. Scheduling in a manufacturing environment is one of these applications that every ERP vendor has as a solution for, but typically comes up short.

Maximize Your ERP Investment

In order to maximize and protect your existing ERP investment and use the data in your ERP system, JobPack has developed an open source, standards based, integration solution that enables us to easily integrate your ERP system, providing a solution to add Real Time Graphical scheduling to your existing system.

Execute a TOTAL Manufacturing Solution

It's always better when the left hand knows what the right one is doing, and when you connect your ERP system to JobPack - you know what is going on across your manufacturing plant. JobPack is adaptable so can easily grow and change with your business without creating additional work for you. JobPack communicates natively with critical manufacturing data as well as via standard technologies such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and web services.

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